Laboratory Facilities

Safety and Behavioral Analysis (SABA) Center

Available Software

Name Application Area
Autoscope - Hardware and software Machine vision equipment for collecting and processing video taped traffic data, and for simulating presence detectors at signalized intersections.
Trimble Placer GPS 455 Global Positioning System hardware and software with dead-reckoning capability for collecting real-time coordinate and speed data.
Trans CAD GIS-T software
Trans Modeler GIS-based microscopic simulation software
Arc GIS GIS software
Arc Logistics GIS-based logistics software
Auto CAD Computer aided design software
Visum/Vissim Transportation modeling and microscopic simulation software
Synchro Arterial analysis simulation software
HCS Highway capacity analysis software
Traf Netsim Traffic network microscopic simulation software
Transyt 7F Traffic network macroscopic simulation software
PMS Pavement management software
HEC II Highway drainage analysis software
Matlab Programming software
SPSS Statistical analysis software
ITE Trip Generation Manual Manual for estimating trip rates for land uses
ITE Parking Generation Manual Manual for estimating parking rates for land uses
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices Authoritative policy for designing and deploying traffic control devices
Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets Authoritative policy for designing and analyzing of highways and streets