Ph.D. Curriculum Sequence

Program of Study
The Department of Transportation and Urban Infrastructure Studies at Morgan State University has one of the largest inventories of transportation related courses in the country. There are currently 35 graduate transportation and infrastructure analysis, planning, and management courses offered in the Department. Thus, prospective Ph.D. students, including those that graduated from the Department's M.S. degree program in Transportation, will have the flexibility in selecting from a large pool of courses (including related courses from other departments) and build a program tailored to their specific interests.

The required minimum coursework for the Ph.D. in Transportation and Urban Infrastructure Systems is 48 graduate-credits beyond the master's degree. Up to four eligible courses (not exceeding 12 credits) taken from other accredited institutions may be accepted for transfer toward the Ph.D. program, provided the courses have not been used to satisfy the requirements for another program. Students in the Ph.D. program will be required to take 8 core courses totaling 24 credits; a minimum of four elective courses totaling 12 credits from their chosen area of concentration; and a minimum of 12 credits of dissertation-related research, including Directed Dissertation Research (TRSP 996), Doctoral Research Seminars (TRSP 988 and TRSP 989), and Dissertation Seminar (TRSP 998) courses. The required core courses are listed below. Students may consider substitute courses not included in the list upon securing the approval of their dissertation committee or program chair.

Required Core Courses

Course # Course Title Credits
TRSP 625 Transportation Policy 3
TRSP 701* General Systems Theory 3
TRSP 725 Advanced Policy Analysis 3
TRSP 889 Contemporary Global Issues in Transportation and Urban Infrastructure 3
TRSP 996 Directed Dissertation Research in Transportation and/or Urban Infrastructure 3
TRSP 988 Doctoral Research Seminar 3
TRSP 998 Dissertation Seminar 6

*IEGR 501 can be used as a substitute course.