Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. We are challenged and committed to providing the highest quality industry-driven curricula for training and educating engineers in the field of industrial engineering. Our students study and research the most effective and efficient ways of making products and delivering goods and services using an integrated system of people, machines, materials, information and energy resources. Hence, our graduates are prepared to address, impact, and solve today's complex problems in industry, government, and society as they manage the "business" of engineering operations, processes and services.The faculty and staff are committed to quality instruction while integrating research developments in manufacturing systems, human factors/ergonomics, and information systems in both the undergraduate and graduate curriculum. Excellent job and career opportunities also exists for industrial engineers as the need for the skills and knowledge to increase industrial productivity and quality improvement remains in high demand.Typical employment positions and occupations for Industrial Engineers include:

          • Industrial Engineer
          • Project/Program Manager
          • Logistics/Supply Chain Analyst or Manager
          • Contract Specialist
          • Systems Engineer
          • Manufacturing Engineer
          • Facilities Manager/Engineer
          • Quality Control Manager
          • Ergonomics & Human Factors or Safety Engineer
          • Operations Research Analyst
          • Production Control and/or Inventory Manager
          • Information Assurance Specialist
          • Construction Manager

As a result, our industrial partners strongly support the curricula, recruit of graduates, and work with our faculty. We welcome potential partners to join and collaborate with us as we impact regional and national issues in productivity and quality. Therefore, we extend an invitation to accept the challenge...... and join the industrial engineering department to become an "IE" and/or address the industrial problems of today and tomorrow.