Research Interests & Capabilities

Craig J. Scott, Chairperson; Professor; Ph.D., Howard University; 
M.S.E.E., Cornell University; B.S.E.E., Howard University. 
Research Interests: Engineering Visualization for network security, computer vision and image/spatial data fusion; technology assisted formative assessment and differentiated instruction.

Yacob Astatke, Assistant Professor and Associate Chair for 
Undergraduate Studies
; D.Eng., Morgan State University; M.S.E.E., 
Johns Hopkins University; B.S.E.E., Morgan State University.
Research Interests: Performance and QoS management in mixed wireless networks and online engineering course development and delivery.

Arlene Cole-Rhodes, Professor; Ph.D., University of California Berkeley; M. Phil, Cambridge University; B.S. (Mathematics), Warwick University.
Research Interests: Image processing with applications in remote sensing and avionics and signal processing for wireless communications.

Richard A. Dean, Lecturer; Ph.D., Oklahoma State University ;M.S., University of Maryland; B.S., Manhattan College. 
Research Interests: Spectrum and QoS management with clustering, and network security for Mixed Wireless Networks; Aeronautical radio link simulation for network enhanced telemetry system.

Corey Dickens, Lecturer; Ph.D., Howard University; M.S., Cornell University; B.S.E.E., Morgan State University. 
Research Interests: Fabrication, characterization and simulation of wide and gap semiconductor materials and devices; GaN device HMETCIS solar cell research; SiGe HBT reliability simulations.

Kevin Kornegay, Professor; Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley; M.S., University of California at Berkeley; B.S., Pratt Institute (Honors).

Kemi Ladeji-Osias, Associate Professor and Associate Chair 
for Graduate Studies
; Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering), Rutgers University; B.S.E.E., University of Maryland College-Park. 
Research Interests: Synthetic Vision Systems, Haptic training in Biomedical Engineering, and integration of technology in the classroom.

Farzad Moazzami, Assistant Professor; D.Eng, Morgan State University; M.Eng., Morgan State University; B.S., University of Tabriz.
Research Interests: Wireless communications, Signal Processing, 
Information assurance

Kofi Nyarko, Associate Professor; D.Eng, Morgan State University; M.S., Morgan State University; B.S., Morgan State University. 
Research Interests: Computational engineering, scientific/ engineering simulation & visualization, complex computer algorithm development, computer network theory (including Ad-Hoc Mobile Networks), portable computing design and development, advanced computer display technologies, and avionic system software development.

LaDawn Partlow, Lecturer; M.S., Morgan State University; B.S., MSU

Michel Reece, Associate Professor; D.Eng, Morgan State University; 
M.S.E.E., Penn State University; B.S.E.E, Morgan State University.
Research Interests: Device characterization and modeling using MMIC and MIC technologies at RF, microwave, and millimeter wave frequencies.

Carl White, Professor; Associate Dean for Research and Graduate 
, Ph.D., Cornell University; M.S.E.E., B.S.E.E., Howard University.

James E. Whitney, II, Associate Professor; Ph.D., Marquette University; M.S.E.E., Catholic University of America; B.S.E.E., University of Maryland-College Park. 
Research Interests: Algorithm development and hardware design using 
digital and statistical signal processing; detection, estimation, 
and multispectral sensing and image processing.

Gregory M. Wilkins, Lecturer; Ph.D., University of Illinois; M.S.E.E. The Johns Hopkins University; B.S.E.E., University of Maryland-College Park. 
Research Interests: Applications of computational electro-magnetic 
methods for the solution field behavior in guided wave structures 
and radiating systems (antennas).