The Engineering Visualization Research Laboratory (EVRL) is housed on the first level of the Schaefer Engineering Building on the campus of Morgan State University. EVRL consists of two separate spaces; the first is a general research lab facility consisting of several workstations, servers and standard electronics testing equipment. The second is the visualization lab, which is divided into four areas: visualization room, research lab, projection room, storage space.


The visualization lab is equipped with the following:

  • 12 x 4 ft. Rear Projector Screen
  • 2 Christie Mirage S+14K 16,000 lumen, Stereoscopic Projectors
  • Portable Touch-Enabled LCD A/V switcher
  • 20 LCD shutter glasses (for stereoscopic projection)
  • Mobile Smartboard Station
  • Intersense Inertia Motion Tracking System 
  • Full 9 speaker Mayer Surround Sound System
  • 30 seat theater
  • 4 PC work stations
  • Core i-7 display servers
  • HP Laserjet color printer
  • Haptic device (force feedback research)

These resources permit the visualization lab to serve multiple purposes as both a demonstration/conference facility as well as a research facility. Stereoscopic solutions provide realistic three-dimensional views while overhead inertia tracking immerses participants within their virtual environments. The additional of the Phantom Haptic device enables participants to engage their sense of touch by creating a force feedback experience between themselves and their virtual environment.