Department Overview

The Department of Civil Engineering provides an undergraduate program of study in the planning, design, and management of civil infrastructure and service systems. Each student receives a broad, professional education in all fundamental areas of civil engineering, however, specialty areas of study offered include environmental and water resources engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, and transportation engineering. The specific aims of the Department's undergraduate program are to:

    1. Develop an ability in students to competently employ broad-based analytical tools and fundamental engineering principles in the design of civil engineering systems.
    2. Prepare students for the formulation of problems and creation of solutions in specific application areas, including environmental, geotechnical, structures, transportation, and water resources engineering.
    3. Provide students with skills of design experiences, which escalate in scope and complexity over the duration of their educational program, culminating in a realistic design project comparable to the work that a civil engineer would expect to do in the workplace.
    4. Grant students knowledge and opportunities to practice written and oral presentation of their work that will develop good communication skills.
    5. Provide students with the value of working in teams.
    6. Instill in students a desire for lifelong learning and ethical responsibility, so they can effectively adapt to the changing demands in the workplace.
    7. Develop the potential of students to assume top managerial and leadership roles in their chosen professional careers.

Particular emphasis is placed on preparing a graduate who is versatile and who can work as a member of a team under demanding conditions.