Mehdi Shokouhian

Dr. Mehdi Shokouhian
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Dr. Shokouhian joined the Morgan State University in 2015 to pursue his postdoctoral research. He earned his PhD degree in Structural Engineering from Tsinghua University. Previously, he was faculty member at Islamic Azad University in Iran for eight years. He has MSc in Structural Engineering and BSc in Civil Engineering. His main research interests are performance based design and stability of structures made of high performance materials using theoretical, numerical and experimental methods. Dr. Shokouhian is also interested in new generation of structural bracing systems for high rise buildings to achieve higher ductility and energy-dissipating capacity of steel structures in severe earthquakes. He has an extensive experience in designing heavy duty and long span structures for industrial purposes as well as construction supervision and design team management. He has participated in a number of research projects funded by state and federal agencies and has published in several peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings since 2004.Selected publications:

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