Master of Science in Administration and Supervision

Overview of the Program
The Administration and Supervision Master of Science Degree and the Administration and Supervision Certificate are programs designed to prepare and certify talented teacher leaders to assume a leadership role at the elementary school, middle school, or high school level. Coursework is delivered to a cohort of candidates by Morgan State University faculty and experts personnel from surrounding school systems. Many courses, in fact, are delivered at schools.

Program Strands
 Administration and Supervision Master's Degree (33 credits)
 Administration and Supervision Certificate (18 credits)

Admission Requirements
 Individuals who are certified and have demonstrated potential for academic leadership are eligible to participate in the program. Perspective candidates should:
 hold a standard professional certificate
 Have earned a Master's degree or be willing to earn a Master's degree from Morgan State University
 Worked a minimum of 3 years with satisfactory teaching experience (substitutions to teaching experience involve 3 years of satisfactory performance as a certified specialist or 3 years of satisfactory performance of a professional certificate)
Have earned a minimum overall GPA of 3.0

Required Courses
The complete program of study for the Master of Science Degree consists of the following course requirements:
 Group Dynamics
 Curriculum Theory and Development
 Supervision and Evaluation of Curriculum and Instruction
 Role of the Principal, Assistant Principal and the Instructional Supervisor int eh Urban School
 Legal Aspects
 Practicum in Educational Administration and Supervision
 The Exceptional Child
 School and Community Relations
 Utilization of Computers in Teaching
 Educational Economics and Finance
 Action Research in Urban Education
 Capstone Experience: Comprehensive Project