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Proficiency Examination Frequently Asked Questions

Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Must I register for the proficiency exam, or can I just show up on exam day?
To test on a specific date, you must have submitted the completed the application form (available in Hurt 208), and documentation of a physical/medical exam which states you are fit to participate in a physical activity. These documents must be submitted to the department office no later than the corresponding deadline date.

2.  I had a physical exam last year. Am I able to use this as my physical for this year?
hysical exams must have been taken within the last six months of the examination date.

3.  I am unable to get my physical/medical examination by the registration deadline. What must I do?
As all medical information must be verified, the deadline must be adhered-to. If all required documentation is not available to the department for processing by that date, you may request to move the testing date to the next scheduled testing date.

4. Where can I get a medical examination?
Specifically, it's a "sports participation physical" that you need. Your family doctor should be your first choice. However, if your doctor isn't nearby, there are healthcare clinics and several drug stores in the area (e.g. Walgreens, CVS) that offer this service on a walk-in basis.

5.  Does the credit for this exam count toward my semester enrollment?
The credit does not count toward semester enrollment.

6.  Is there a cost for taking a physical education proficiency examination?
For students enrolled full-time (12 or more credits), there is no additional cost. For students who are part-time, (less than 12 credits), the cost for a 1-credit course must be paid to the Bursar's Office prior to the exam.

7.  In a previous attempt at taking a physical education proficiency examination I did not meet the standard. Am I permitted to take it again?
You are permitted to take the exam only once, SO BE PREPARED.

8.  Can I take the written exam and performance exam on different dates?
Both written and performance will be administered on the same day. You must pass the written exam to be eligible for the performance exam.

9.  Will taking this exam impact my GPA?
The grade, PT or FL, will not impact your grade point average. Upon successful completion (PT), the 1-credit physical education requirement will be met.

10.  When will the grade be awarded?
The grade will be entered at the end of the semester when final grades are submitted.

11.  Where can I purchase the book to study for the written exam?
The book has been available through on-line searching. Used editions have been found to be rather inexpensive.

12.  Is there a study guide available?
Study guides are available for each of the examinations with swimming being the exception. The swimming exam is strictly performance-based.

For additional information, contact Dr. David Thomas at, or 443-885-3498.