Fashion Merchandising Curriculum Sequence


Major: Family and Consumer Sciences: Fashion Merchandising Track

In addition to the General Education requirements, (6) credits are required in majors under the School of Education and Urban Studies to satisfy the SEUS electives.

Writing Proficiency Examination:

Students must satisfy the writing proficiency examination requirements in order to qualify for graduation. Students who fail the writing proficiency examination should register for the following course (ENGL 350: Writing Practicum) 3 credits. Students should satisfy this requirement by the end of their Junior year.

Speech Proficiency Examination:

Students must satisfy the speech proficiency examination requirements by earning a grade of "C" or higher in SPCH 101: Principles of Speech.

Major Requirements- Fashion Merchandising Track

Course Number Course Title  Credits
FACS 101 Intro to Business of Fashion      3
FACS 110 Textiles      3
FACS 111

Fundamentals of Color/Design

FACS 112 Prin of Clothing Construction      3
FACS 120 Introduction to FACS      1
NUSC 160 Intro to Nutrition      3
FACS 232 Interior Design      3
FACS 250 Consumer Education      3
FACS 311 History of Costume      3
FACS 335 Cross-Cultural Design      3
FACS 212 Advanced Clothing Construction      3
FACS 380 Fashion Merchandising      3
FACS 381 Fashion Promotion      3
FACS 410 Clothing & Human Behavior      3
FACS 412 Flat Pattern Design      3
FACS 420 CAD in Fashion      3
FACS 421 Exit Seminar in FACS      3
FACS 472 Fashion Merchandising Pract      3
Total     52
Supporting Course Requirements
ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting    3     
ECON 211 Principles of Economics I    3
ECON 212 Principles of Economics II    3
MGMT 324 Principles of Management & Organizational Behavior    3
MKTG 331 Principles of Marketing    3
SPCH 101

Fundamentals of Speech

Total   18


Speech Proficiency  [ ]

Writing Proficiency [ ]

To qualify for graduation, all majors must pass the Department Senior Comprehensive Examination with a score of 70 or higher. No grades under "C" are acceptable in the major, including grades received in supporting courses.