Fashion Merchandising Concentration Course Description

FACS 101 INTRODUCTION TO THE FASHION BUSINESS - Three hours lectures; three credits. This course describes the fundamentals of the business of fashion. Emphasis is placed on the organization and operation of the United States textile industry including designing, manufacturing and marketing of textile. 

FACS 110 TEXTILES - Two hours lecture and laboratory; 3 credits. This course teaches recognition, use and care of textiles related to characteristics of fibers, yarns fabric construction and finishes. 

FACS 112 PRINCIPLES OF CLOTHING - One hour lecture, three hours laboratory, 3 credits. This course teaches recognition and the use of fibers, yarns, and fabric construction and finishes, as well as basic garment construction using commercial patterns. 

FACS 212 ADVANCED CLOTHING - One hour lecture, four hour lab; 3 credits. This course will emphasize advanced clothing construction techniques and the application of these techniques to the evaluation of ready-to-wear apparel. Prerequisite: FACS 112. 

FACS 311 HISTORY OF COSTUME - Three hours lecture; 3 credits. The study of costume from ancient Egypt to the present day, reflecting the social, economic, and cultural environment. 

FACS 335 CROSS-CULTURAL DESIGN - Three hours lecture; 3 credits. This course will include the elements and principles of applied design and explore their application in a number of different cultures throughout the world, with special emphasis on textile design. The influence of different cultures will also be considered.

 FACS 380 FASHION MERCHANDISING - Three lecture hours, 3 credits. This course is a survey of the field of fashion merchandising and the principles of retailing. Emphasis is on the activities, operations, and practices in retailing. Course content will include: when and how to buy, coordination of buyers' activities, pricing, problems involved in mark-downs, methods of inventory, and fashion trends.


FACS 381 FASHION PROMOTION - Three hours lecture; 3 credits. This course examines the principles and procedures in promoting the sale of apparel and related merchandise. It provides direct application of the principles and methods of display and advertising techniques and the use of electronic media. Prerequisite: FACS 380.


FACS 382 THE FASHION INDUSTRY- Three hours; 3 credits. This course is designed to explore the business enterprises and industrial practices involved in the design and production of fashion products. American and European creators of fashion will be examined. Field trips are scheduled to various mills and manufacturers.


FACS 410 CLOTHING AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR - Three hours lecture; 3 credits. This course focuses on the study of clothing as a social and psychological force and the relationship between humans and their clothing, both individually and in groups. This includes the conventions and standards influencing clothing choice and use.


FACS 412 FLAT PATTERN DESIGN - Three hours; 3 credits. This course offers an introduction to basic principles of flat pattern design through the development and manipulations of a master pattern. Prerequisite: FACS 112.and 212.


FACS 420 COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN - Three hours; 3 credits. This course infuses computer-aided systems into fashion conceptualization, design, and production. Prerequisite: FACS 112, 212 and 412.


FACS 421 EXIT SEMINAR IN FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES - Three hours lecture; 3 credits.

This course provides an opportunity for exploration of research on selected topics in Family and Consumer Sciences.


FACS 472 FASHION MERCHANDISING PRACTICUM - Three lecture hours; 3 credits. This course provides supervised work experience and in service training in an approval retail establishment. Prerequisites: FACS 380 and 381.


FACS 232 INTERIOR DESIGN - Two hours lecture, two hours laboratory; 3 credits. This course deals with the planning, furnishing and decorating of living areas in the home. Emphasis is placed on proper selection of materials and objects in terms of their artistic quality.


FACS 250 CONSUMER EDUCATION - Three hours lecture; 3 credits. This course is a study of consumer problems including rights and responsibilities, legislation and fundamentals of buymanship.