Vanessa Dodo Seriki

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Associate Professor Science Education
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Banneker 315

Vanessa Dodo Seriki, Ph.D. received her doctorate in Education from the Ohio State University in 2011. As a graduate of an urban school and former high school science teacher in Portsmouth, VA and Baltimore, MD, Dr. Dodo Seriki understands the realities that face urban students, families, teachers and schools. As such, she has dedicated her work to empowering urban teachers, students, and families through engagement in science learning. Dr. Dodo Seriki’s research interests include the use of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Cultural Modeling in science education; the intersectionality of race, class, and gender in education (including p-12, Higher education, teacher education, and science education) as seen through the lens of Critical Race Theory; and accessibility of STEM educational opportunities by Black children.

Twitter: @Dr_DodoSeriki

Select Publications

Dodo Seriki, V. (in press). Toward a framework for Culturally Relevant Inquiry-Based Science Pedagogy. In G. Prime (Ed.). Centering race in the STEM education of African-American K-12 learners. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.

Royal, C. A., & Dodo Seriki, V. D. (2018). Overkill: Black lives and the spectacle of the Atlanta cheating scandal. Urban Education. 53(2), 196-211.

Dodo Seriki, V. (2018). Advancing alternate tools: Why science education needs culturally relevant pedagogy and critical race theory. Cultural Studies in Science Education. 13(1), 93-100.

Dodo Seriki, V.D, & Brown, C.T. (2017). A dream deferred: A retrospective on Culturally Relevant Pedagogy. Teachers College Record, 119, 1 – 8.

Stormer, K., Dodo Seriki, V., Stroud, G., & Lisanby, Z. (2016). Superheroes and cultural responses: An interdisciplinary approach to gene therapy. Science Scope. 40(3), 28.