Urban Educational Leadership (EdD) Program

Urban Educational Leadership (EdD)

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To provide an educational experience that will prepare doctoral candidates to assume leadership positions in urban school systems and other educational agencies as educational administrators and/or planners, researchers of social policy, fiscal officers, development officers, and facilities and operational analysts.

Admission to Program

Admission to the doctoral program is granted during each academic semester and is based on the following requirements:

· A master's degree from a regional accredited college or university.

· A grade point average of 3.0 or above on all previous post-baccalaureate work

· Scores on the Miller Analogies Test or the Graduate Record Examination. (Test scores may not be more than five (5) years old from the date of application to the program)

• An interview by the Doctoral Program Admissions Committee

General Requirements

All candidates for the Ed.D. degree in Urban Educational Leadership must complete a minimum of sixty-six (66) credit hours at Morgan State after admission to the program. Doctoral candidates will select a specialization in Educational Planning and Administration, or Administration and Social Policy. Each candidate will develop an individual program of study in consultation with an assigned faculty adviser.
All candidates must pass a written comprehensive examination. The comprehensive examination may be repeated once. To be eligible to sit for the comprehensives, the candidate must have completed a minimum of 42 credit hours, must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0, and must have removed any "I" or "F" grades.
Each Ed.D. degree candidate must submit a dissertation. When the dissertation has been completed to the satisfaction of the Dissertation Committee, a dissertation defense will be scheduled, during which the student must orally defend his or her work before the entire Dissertation Committee, and others as determined by the Chairperson of the Department.
All requirements for the Ed.D. degree must be completed within a period of seven consecutive years. The granting of a leave of absence by the School of Graduate Studies does not automatically extend the limit.

Residency Requirements

Part-time candidates for the Ed.D. degree will satisfy residency requirements by completing 18 credit hours over a period of three consecutive semesters. Full-time doctoral candidates must complete two consecutive semesters, carrying 9 credit hours each semester, in order to satisfy the residency requirements. Upon completion of the course requirements and the comprehensive examination, the candidate must continue to register for "Dissertation Guidance (EDUC 997)" each semester until the dissertation has been successfully defended.

Program of Study

General Requirement: 66 hours

Core Curriculum: 21 hours

ASLP 600 Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Education

                                                EDAD 601 – Theories and Practice of Urban Educational Leadership

                                                ASLS 601 – Contemporary Issues in Urban Education

                                                ASLP 601 – The Politics of Education

                                                ASLF 601 – Educational Economics and Finance

                                                ASLP 602 – Philosophy of Education

                                                ASLS 602 – Education and Society

Research Concentration: 15 hours – The courses must be taken in sequence

1.    EDSR 620 – Action Research in Urban Education

2.    EDSR 719 Quantitative Data Analysis I

3.    EDSR 819 Quantitative Methods II Prerequisite EDSR 719

4.    EDSR 622 – Quantitative Research Methods Prerequisite EDSR 819

5.    EDSR 624 – Qualitative Research Methods Prerequisite EDSR 622

                                               Specialization: Administration and Educational Planning – 12 hours

                                                EDAD 602 -- Educational Planning and Management

                                                EDAD 607 -- Administration of Educational Organizations

                                                EDAD 620 – Seminar in Educational Planning

                                                 ASLT 632 – Instructional Systems Analysis

                        Specialization: Administration and Social Policy – 12 hours

                                                SFED 651 – Social Policy and Futurism

                                                CUIN 660 – Urban Systems Analysis

                                                EDAD 630 – Seminar in Administration and Social Policy

                                                                 ASLT 632 – Instructional Systems Analysis

                         Cognate Elective:  6 hours

                                                Choose one (3 credits) according to your research approach

                                                EDSR 628 Applied Social Research

                                                EDSR 818 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods

                                                EDSR 829 Advanced Qualitative Research: Field Research

                                                Electives: 3 hours

                        Clinical Studies/Internship:  6 hours

                                                EDAD 605 – Clinical Studies/Internship: Educational Planning

                                                EDAD 603 – Clinical Studies/Internship: Administration and Social Policy

Dissertation: 6 hours

                                                EDUC 998 -- Dissertation for Doctor of Education Degree

EDUC 997** -- Dissertation Guidance

                                                                       **Can be repeated if necessary

Residency:  18 hours at Morgan State University + Masters Degree (or equivalent)

Minimum Hours of Coursework at MSU:  30 hours (not including Dissertation hours)

Dissertation:  Requirements include the following:

1.      Internship/Field Project

2.      Approved Concept Paper

3.      Comprehensive Qualifying Exam

4.      Declaration of Committee

5.      Institutional Review Board approval (IRB)

6.      Preparation and Defense of Dissertation Proposal

7.      Advancement to Candidacy

8.      Preparation and Defense of Dissertation

9.      Completed (and up-to-date) Program of Study

                                                      10.      Graduation

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