This program is designed to inculcate and develop mastery in the following competencies:

Commitment to the Community College Leadership Career Path
Demonstration of leadership potential through qualifications, described experiences, and a clear explanation of an aspiration to lead in the community college arena

Effective Communication
Demonstration of verbal and non-verbal communication skills appropriate to mid-level leadership a Community College environment

Effective Writing Skills
Demonstration of essential academic writing skills through well-edited, clearly reasoned expression of complex ideas and concepts in APA standard format as evidence of potential for rigorous scholarship and graduate-level writing

Academic Potential
Demonstration of ability, resilience, and motivation to be successful in a rigorous demanding academic environment through examples of professional achievements, risk-taking, and personal success stories of overcoming obstacles

Critical Thinking
Demonstration of the ability to think critically in professional settings through experience in complex situations that require creative thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, analytical problem solving, team-building, strategic planning, negotiation, and decision making

Potential for Leadership
Demonstration of potential for leadership of an institution of higher education with evidence conveying the ability and interest in evolving into a senior educational leader