Course Sequence

Year 1

Course Titles


EDHE 600

The American Community College

Fall Yr I

EDHE 601

Leadership and Administration of Community Colleges

Fall Yr I

EDSR 604

Introduction to Educational Research

Fall Yr I

EDHE 602

Professional Development Seminar: Year 1

Spr Yr I

EDHE 609

Issues in Community Colleges: Social Justice/Equity

Spr Yr I

EDHE 604

Community College Finance and Budgeting

Spr Yr I

EDHE 605

Community College Planning and Management

Spr Yr I

EDSR 624

Qualitative Research Methods in Education

Sumr YI

EDHE 608

Technology in Contemporary Community Colleges 

Sumr YI

Year II



EDSR 632

Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods

Fall Yr II

ASLJ 601

Legal Aspects of Education

Fall Yr II

EDHE 606

The Learning-Centered Community College

Fall Yr II

EDHE 607

Student Development in Community College

Spr Yr II

EDHE 627

Mixed Methods Research for Community College Leaders

Spr Yr II

EDHE 616

Community College Trustees and Governing Boards

Spr Yr II

EDHE 615

The Community College Presidency

Smr Yr II

ASLP 601

Politics of Higher Education

Smr Yr II

 Year III



EDHE 617

Clinical Studies/Community College Internships

Fall Yr III

EDHE 611

Professional Development Seminar: Year 3

Fall Yr III

ASLP 993

Pre-Doctoral Candidacy

During comprehensive exam and before proposal defense.

EDHE 998

Dissertation Seminar

After successful proposal defense

EDHE 997

*Dissertation Guidance






*Sequence Subject to Change or Update (Revised 07/20/2018)