Vital to the competitiveness of pre-professional students, is the ability to demonstrate evidence of compassion, competency and understanding of the role of a physician. Exposures to clinical, volunteer or shadowing opportunities allow for a firsthand experience into the day to day functions of practitioners. Students are strongly encouraged to secure relevant internships or pre-health opportunities as early as their second semester freshman year. These experiences for students, offer an invaluable opportunity to help shape and sharpen their skills as an emerging physician.  For more information on how to apply for internships or shadowing opportunities, email the pre-professional director or stop by the office. The following are a sample of some places where our pre-professional students interned, shadowed or volunteered.

Active Life and Sports Therapy

  • Shakir - Fall 2013
  • Shawn - Fall 2013  

University of MD Department of Cardiology and Hypertension

  • Abbiola - Summer 2013  

Greater Baltimore Medical Center

  • Morenike - Summer 2013
  • Christy - Summer 2013
  • Minyan - Fall 2013 v Jalecia - Fall 2013
  • Tesfay - Fall-Spring 2014
  • Mikaela - Spring 2014
  • Salma - Spring 2014
  • Andre - Spring 2014
  • Ophelia - Spring 2014  

Giant Pharmacy

  • Nicole - Fall 2013
  • Vivian - Fall 2013

Summer Medical and Dental Educational Program

  • Janell - Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (Howard Univ.)  - Summer 2014