General Expectations

What do we want pre-health students to know?

  • Students should begin their undergraduate journey with an understanding of themselves and how their unique personalities and strengths fit into their goal of becoming health professionals
  • Students should acquire an understanding of the breath of opportunities within the healthcare professions  by exploring areas of health they may be interested in
  • Students should have a realistic understanding of what the application process entails to be accepted into a professional school of their choice
  • Students should be aware of the experiences and competencies that a pre-health student should develop based on expectations by professional schools

What do we want pre-health students to be able to do?

  • Students should be able to balance the achievement of high grades for both the sciences as well as in the humanities
  • Students should be able to develop a well rounded portfolio that includes some practical experience within their field of interest
  • Students should be able to persist with a clear understanding of their goals, first for graduation and then for professional school
  • Students should be able to commit to the process of understanding the reality and complexity of applying to professional school and make informed decisions
  • Students should be timely in their commitment and submission of requested pre-professional documents
  • Students should work to develop a strategic plan for professional school that maximizes their opportunity for success both at the undergraduate level and beyond

For what do we want pre-health students to be responsible?

  • The efficient management of time and one's ability to be successful as a MSU graduate throughout the pre-professional process
  • To be motivated and self directed in thought and effort
  • To use the necessary resources available to prepare and make good decisions
  • The registration and official establishment of any personal account for the application service selected
  • The monitoring of the application process after the submission to the application service
  • Notifying the assigned pre-health adviser any issues discovered during the process or success attained upon acceptance to professional school
  • Final decisions in any matter relative to school selection, timing, and submission of materials to the selected schools
  • Payment of any costs associated with applying to their selected professional school