About Us

The vision of the Pre-Professional Program at Morgan State University is to be a leader among other programs nationally that supply minority aspirants to professional school

The PPP aims to promote exploration for self and the health professions; provide access to resources for academic and professional guidance; and facilitate pre-health experiences that would foster growth and proficiency needed for professional school.

Pre-Health Areas
The PPP primarily serves undergraduate students at Morgan State University who have expressed their desire to pursue careers in medicine, dentistry or pharmacy beginning in their freshman year. The program also indirectly supports students who are interested in becoming a Physician Assistant, Physical Therapist and other health professions.

Student Services
Pre-Health Advising
Students are strongly encouraged to identify their pre- health intent by visiting the pre-professional office and joining the Pre-Health Student Organization. At this point students will be added to the Pre-professional Google Group in order to stay connected and up-to-date with information, events and educational opportunities to prepare for professional school. Advisement is done one-on-one and in groups by the Pre-health Adviser beginning from freshman year through graduation. To schedule an appointment students are strongly encouraged to email Mr. Claton Lewis at claton.lewis@morgan.edu. One can also call the main office at 443 885 4515. Workshops will be held periodically during the academic semester to allow opportunity for information sharing, group advising, Q & A and networking among other pre-health students. See Pre-professional events page for a list of past and future events and workshops.