Information for Animal Care and Use

Please read ALL instructions prior to completing your animal research form. All instructions MUST be followed, otherwise this will delay review of your protocol at which time it may be returned to you.

1. IACUC meetings will be held quarterly, at which time protocols will be reviewed.
2. Protocols MUST be received by Dr. Edet Isuk, the Sponsored Programs Liaison to the IACUC Committee, and to the Chair, Dr. Pamela Scott-Johnson. Protocols should be taken to the Sponsored Programs Office which is located in Montebello Building, Room xx at least 7 business days in advance of the Committee Meeting. The schedule of meetings is posted. Committee meetings will be held quarterly.
3. One original and 7 copies MUST be submitted for review.
4. All sections MUST be fully completed otherwise this may delay review of your protocol. If there is a section, which does not apply, please indicate so by "N/A".
5. Section P (Database Literature Search) MUST have all instructions completely followed. Make sure that one original copy of your search results is attached to the original protocol. Also, be specific with your "keywords".
6. All forms and any additional sheets that are attached must be typed.
7. On any additional sheets attached, please make a note stating so on the research form and also note each section on the additional sheets.