The following courses are required of SCMNS Honors Program students:

HONR 106 - FRESHMEN HONORS COLLOQUIUM. 2 credits. The course teaches the important personal, social, and academic skills needed to succeed in education and future careers. Emphasis is placed on 1) developing self-discipline, 2) tools to stay motivated until graduation, and 3) planning and preparing for a future career in the sciences. (OFFERED IN THE FALL)

HONR 206 - SOPHOMORE HONORS COLLOQUIUM. 2 credits. The course is designed to enrich the thinking of SCMNS Honors Program students by strengthening critical thinking skills through writing exercises and analysis of literature in their particular field of study. Student will also learn to think critically of their future and career aspirations through the construction of an electronic portfolio (e-portfolio). (OFFERED IN THE SPRING)

HONR 306 - HONORS THESIS SEMINAR I. 2 credits. This course is a workshop on technical writing geared towards getting SCMNS Honors Program students started on their Honors thesis. It includes discussion of library resources, prudent use of the internet, and data analysis. Students will give both oral and written presentations of current research articles in their particular field of study. (OFFERED IN THE FALL)

HONR 406 - HONORS THESIS SEMINAR II. 2 credits. This course utilizes skills and knowledge acquired in HONR 306 in order to formulate a senior thesis. Students will work closely with a faculty mentor in their field of interest to generate either a research-based or literature-based thesis. (OFFERED IN THE SPRING)