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Boston University SOM Early Medical School Selection Program

The Boston University School of Medicine Early Medical School Selection Program (EMSSP) is designed to ease the transition to medical school through early exposure to the medical school curriculum, culture and community. Admission through the EMSSP grants provisional acceptance into the medical school at the completion two years of undergraduate study.

Students accepted into the EMSSP remain at Morgan through their junior year. Through curriculum planning with the pre-professional program director the student will complete a program of study at their home institution that will best prepare them to spend their senior year at Boston University.

Senior Year
The senior year is spent at BU enrolled in a combination of undergraduate and graduate level courses. Students retain degree candidacy at Morgan while participating in individualized programs of study at BU. 

After earning a baccalaureate degree from Morgan, a student who performed at the prescribed level will matriculate at Boston University School of Medicine the next academic year. Upon completion of the medical school requirements the degree of Doctor of Medicine is granted by Boston University.

Students may apply for admission to the program during their sophomore year of college. To be eligible students must have:

The recommendation of Morgan's pre-professional advisor

  • Completed BIOL 105-106 and CHEM 105-106 with laboratory
  • United States citizenship, permanent residence or immigrant visa
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 in science courses and 3.0 in non science courses with no grade lower than C in any course
  • A minimum combined score of 950 on the Math and Critical Reading sections of the SAT or minimum composite score of 22 on the ACT  

Required application materials include:

  • Completed application forms
  • An official college transcript
  • Copy of SAT or ACT scores
  • A personal statement
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • A $25.00 Non-refundable application fee

Completed applications must be received by January 31. Competitive applicants will be invited for interviews and reimbursed a portion of the cost of travel to BUSM. Decisions will be announced by April.

Prior to beginning the senior year in residence at BU students must complete the equivalent of 1 full year of general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics at Morgan. Students must also take the MCAT in the Spring of their Junior Year. The MCAT score will be considered by the Committee on Promotions as one of the important criteria for promotion into BUSM.

Program Expenses
Registration fees, tuition, room and board for both summers at BU will be paid by the program with the exception of the following:

Health Fees (Boston University's mandated Insurance); Books and Supplies; and Transcript fees

George Washington University School of Medicine Early Selection Program

The George Washington University School of Medicine Early Selection Program allows qualified students at Morgan State University who have achieved academic and extracurricular distinction to pursue a provisional acceptance to the medical school at the George Washington University. Accepted students will have considerable flexibility in both sequencing and completing premedical requirements, thus allowing them to pursue varied academic and co-curricular interests. 

Requirements for Selection into the Program

Competitive students for the program must demonstrate high academic achievement in both science and non-science curricula. To be eligible to apply, a student:

  • Must have achieved a minimum 3.6 overall GPA and have received no science grade lower than a B by the end of their third term
  • Should be in the second term of the sophomore year
  • Have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours at Morgan by the end of the semester in which they apply

Those with fewer than 60 credits will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Coursework at other universities and AP credit will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. A student transferring into the sophomore year or beyond at Morgan State University will be ineligible for this program.

Applicants are required to have successfully completed the following courses with a B or better on or by the end of their second semester sophomore year at MSU and prior to their selection and interview by GWU-SMHS. If students are not able to acquire the desired result by the end of their second semester as a sophomore they will not be considered for selection. They courses include:

  • Chemistry 203 (Organic Chemistry I)
  • Physics 203/205
  • Biology 303 (Genetics)

Students must self-report SAT (or ACT) scores on the application, and submit high school transcripts. These are the only test scores required for the program.  


To Apply

  • Morgan applicants will be required to submit a description of academic goals for the last two years of college work. Students must indicate how their coursework and academic plans will change if accepted into this program. An honest and complete statement of planned courses and projects will be expected  
  • Three letters of recommendation  
  • Application form see link -  

All application materials will initially be submitted to MSU's Pre-professional Program for review.  After which completed applications of successful candidates will be referred to the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences Committee on Admissions. A letter of approval and introduction must be received from the Pre-professional Program.  

Early Selection

  • The Committee on Admissions will review applications, will invite select applicants for interviews, and will make the final decision by early summer. Selected applicants will be those who are academically strong and in addition to the maturity necessary to make a career decision at this stage, the ability to make the best use of the broad range of undergraduate education opportunities that selection for this program will encourage.  An important consideration for selection will be the student's thoughtfully planned educational program during the remainder of the undergraduate years, and continued academic rigor is essential.
  • The MCAT is not required for Selection to the GWU-SMHS Early Selection Program nor promotion to medical school

Preparation for Matriculation in Medical School at GWU
After selection to the GWU-ESP to retain eligibility and ensure eventual admission into medical school at the George Washington University, students selected for this program must 

  • Maintain a minimum 3.6 overall GPA through the completion of their undergraduate program at Morgan State University
  • Solidify their commitment by applying to the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences via the AMCAS Early Assurance Program during the summer following their junior year
  • Complete all planned courses with a minimum GPA of 3.6 with a grade of B or better in all science coursework
  • Have no substantiated allegations of inappropriate academic or personal comportment
  • Know that acceptance into the M.D. program is provisional upon completion of all of the above

If all conditions are met, the accept contract is offered. Students in the Program must meet all requirements for Admissions with the exception of MCATs.  If students in the program take the MCAT they are released from the program.

While the University hopes that the students accepted into the medical program through Early Selection will want to attend the George Washington University School of Medicine, they will be free to give up their seat during the summer following the junior year. Students are responsible for notifying, in writing, both the Assistant Dean of Admissions of the George Washington University School of Medicine and the Morgan State University Pre-professional Advisor of their intentions to continue in the program or to withdraw from the program during the summer following the junior year.