Current Students

Thesis advisor's last name and the students expected graduation or year of enrollment is given in paranthesis unless stated otherwise:

  1. Mr. Lalith Naidu (Hohmann) on medical leave
  2. Mr. Steven Brown
  3. Ms. Zainab Boone-Kukoyi (Aslan, Enrolled: Fall 2014)
  4. Ms. Somayeh Gharaie (Sitther, Enrolled: Fall 2014)
  5. Ms. Janelle Guy (Aslan, Enrolled: Fall 2014) 
  6. Ms. Monet Stevenson (Mandal, Enrolled: Fall 2015)
  7. Mrs. Aysha Zaakan (AslanEnrolled Fall 2016)
  8. Ms. Sulakshana Bhatt (Praminik, Enrolled Fall 2016)
  9. Mr. Mylik Gregory (TBA, Enrolled Fall 2016)

Graduates of our Program:

1. "Environmentally Friendly Microwave Enhanced Syntheses of Important Cyclic Imides and Their Derivatives" by Benjamin, Ellis T., Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2007, 175 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Yousef Hijji).

2. "Analysis of metal ion catalyzed microwave destruction of Enterococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli", by Benjamin, Earl, III, Ph.D., Morgan State University. 2008: 175 pages; 3349918. (Advisor: Dr. Arthur Williams).

3. "Synthesis and fluorescence and in vitro cytotoxicity studies of some Re(I) diimine complexes" by Orsa, David H., Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2010, 193 pages; 3440023. (Dr. Santosh Mandal).

4. "Enzymatic Signal Amplification Using Plasmonic Nanostructures for Applications in Bioenvironmental Science and Engineering" by Abel, Biebele, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2015, 197 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Kadir Aslan).

5. "Development of Rapid Analysis System Based on Microwave-Accelerated Bioassay Technique for Point-of-Care Applications" by Mohammad, Muzaffer, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2015, 173 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Kadir Aslan).

6. "Assessing the Vulnerability of Coastal Aquatic Ecosystem Stability and Structure After Hurricane Passage" by Davenport, Erik, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2015, 107 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Chunlei Fan).

7. "Developing "Bioenvironmental Science" as an Emerging Science Discipline: An Analysis of Quantitative Secondary Data of Wastewater Treatment Decontamination Methods for Theoretical Validation"by Akinyele Oni, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2016, 219 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Timothy Akers).

8. "Synthesis, Anion Sensing and DNA Binding Properties of Schiff Base Derivatives of 2-Amino-6-Methoxybenzothiazole And Other Commercially Available Reagents" Belygona Barare, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2016, 178 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Kadir Aslan).

9. "Rapid Assessment of Biological and Environmental Samples in Resource-Limited Settings" by Enock Bonyi, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2017, 220 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Kadir Aslan).

10. "Biotechnological Approaches to Enhance Halotolerance and Photosynthetic Efficacy in the cyanobacterium, Fremyella diplosiphon" by Behnam Tabatabai, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2017, 157 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Viji Sitther).

11. "Use of Natural and Synthetic Probes in Anion Sensing Applications" by Solomon Tadesse, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2017, 170 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Kadir Aslan).

12. "Immunohistochemical Protein Quanitation: Influence of Anti-TH Concentration and Its Incubation Period on Getting a Linear Relationship between Staining Intensity and Level of Tyrosine Hydrolase within Neurons of Rat Hypothalamus" by Olatundji Yessoufou, Ph.D., Morgan State University, 2017, 123 pages; (Advisor: Dr. Gloria Hoffman).