Chem Club Book Scholarship

Chemistry Club is awarding two more $200 Morgan Bookstore Credit cards in May 2016.

Awardees must:
1) be Morgan State Chemistry majors or Morgan State Chemistry minors
2) be Members of the American Chemical Society*
3) attend/participate in at least three Chemistry Club activities in spring semester 2016**

Further consideration will be given to GPA and financial need.

Deadline for applications is April 30, 2016.

To be considered, send your application by e-mail to, including your name, whether you are a Chemistry major or Chemistry minor, your ACS member number, your GPA, and evidence of your financial need.

*To join the American Chemical Society (ACS) contact Dr. Louise Hellwig. The cost is $27, but Chemistry Club will reimburse you $10. There's a Member-Get-A-Member program, so if a current member of the ACS nominates you and you join, you get a Periodic Table blanket as well! So, for $17 you become a member of ACS, are eligible to apply for a $200 Book Store Credit card, and get a Periodic Table blanket! What a deal!

**Activities include meetings March 11 and April 21, helping with Science Olympiad March 5, going to local elementary schools to lead students in experiments (MUCH program) on variable dates, local section meeting April 10, Senior Awards Dinner April 29, past meeting on Feb. 4, and others that may arise.