ASCEND and RISE scholars learn about ethics in research!

ASCEND and RISE scholars attended the Responsible conduct in Research workshop on January 21, 2016. The session opened with an interactive session entitled: Laboratory Safety, Protocol and Procedures presented by Ms. Mollie Lange, and Dr. Christine Hohmann. The workshop featured NIH STAR-LITE (Safe Techniques Advance Science -Laboratory Interactive Experience) 1.0 computer program.

Dr. Adil Shamoo, a professor at the University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Medicine and a Biomedical Ethicist, discussed "Ethics in Research". Throughout the workshop, Dr. Shamoo used the textbook "Responsible Conduct in Research" (2nd Ed. 2009, Oxford U. Press). Following the lecture, the students discussed different issues on responsible conduct in research. The students presented their cases in front of the entire class, with Dr. Shamoo guiding the reports and discussions. To end the program, two Emory University graduate students, Kevin Morris and Annie McPeherson, were guest speakers. In their presentation, they discussed minority issues such as: the imposter syndrome, microaggressions, unequal opportunities and stereotype threat.