14 students participated in the NIH-RISE Summer Undergraduate Research Program directed by Dr. Angela Winstead.

During the summer, students participated in the NIH-RISE Summer Undergraduate Research Program, an undergraduate research program that served as an introduction to the research process and critical thinking skills, embedded within the on-campus, first full-time summer research experience. The students were to take the research that they gathered during the program and put it on a poster; which was to be presented during the closing presentation of the program.  This program was sponsored by NIH RISE, LSAMP and the Clara Adams Honors College. The following is a list of students that presented and their mentors.

Student Name Major Mentor Program
Akobundu, Blessing Biology Dr. Simon Nyaga RISE
Brown, Shanai Biology Dr. Eric Schott RISE
Drigo, Jahnn Chemistry Dr. Angela Winstead UPENN
Frey, Benjamin Biology Dr. Javinillo LSAMP
Giwa-Otusajo, Jamiu Biology Dr. Viji Sitther LSAMP
Goffigan-Holmes, Janasha Psychology Dr. Anita Wells RISE
Hinton, Tiara Chemistry Dr. Santosh Mandal UPENN
Jesutimi, Gbeminiyi Chemistry Dr. Angela Winstead LSAMP
Munson, Dominique Biology Dr. Angela Winstead RISE
Okaegbu, Ophelia Chemistry Dr. Pumtiwitt McCarthy RISE
Parnell, Sabreea Chemistry Dr. Santosh Mandal RESEARCH
Powell, Kayla Chemistry Dr. Pumtiwitt McCarthy LSAMP
Savory, Nishell Psychology Dr. Mary Blue RISE
Williams, Angelique Psychology Dr. Charlene Chester RISE