Barrington Henry

Why did you choose chemistry as your major?

I didn't choose chemistry, chemistry chose me 😉.

What are the most important lessons you learned from chemistry?

Chemistry has taught me to keep an open mind and heart while traveling throughout life. Chemistry is more than just chemicals and drugs; it is the basis for the physical realm. Personally, I believe that if people are introduced to some of the more in-depth topics during youth, then their perspective on life would be completely altered.

How has being a chemistry major benefit you?

Being a chemistry major is proving to be worth my while as many new opportunities constantly arise. These opportunities include paid internships, attending conferences all expenses paid, and eventually a fully-funded Ph.D. degree.

Have you received any internship or job opportunities through the chemistry department?

Actually, I have received many opportunities through the chemistry department. In February 2020 I was fortunate enough to receive a paid internship offer which included becoming a part of the NIGMS-RISE organization. This is an excellent program where you can hone your skills and grow into the professional that you envision yourself as four years down the line. These experienced mentors teach with passion while cultivating a loving and supportive environment. Members get opportunities to travel to conferences and present their research findings both regionally and nationally. This circle is filled with winners 💯.