Artificial Intelligence, Culture & Storytelling Symposium

Hosted by Morgan State University and IVOW


Some 50 thought leaders will join a day-long Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Culture Symposium at Morgan State University on Monday, April 23. Representatives from the United Nations and international development agencies, as well as renowned machine learning experts, educators, journalists, technologists, and business leaders from across the US and Mexico will participate in the symposium to engage in the latest research on AI as a tool for culturally rich storytelling.

"What excites us about IVOW is their mission to build pioneering AI software and hardware that combs through data on world cultures, traditions, and history for future consumer storytelling applications," says Dr. Farin Kamangar, associate dean of Morgan State's School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences. "We support their desire to build a coalition of like-minded organizations to build a crowdsourced platform that involves the public in this endeavor."

IVOW is a Maryland-based woman-owned start-up that is building a global AI-powered cultural storytelling platform. Inclusive data can amplify stories told by underprivileged and underrepresented communities. "AI cultural algorithms need to be a reflection of who we are," says Davar Ardalan, founder of IVOW. "As we move into an era of automated intelligent storytelling as opposed to centralized platforms, we need to diversify data now. Effective fusion of AI with cultural storytelling will help diminish bias in algorithmic identification and train AI software to be much more inclusive."

AI & Culture expert Rafael Pérez y Pérez is one of the thought leaders attending the symposium. A professor at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana at Cuajimalpa, México City, he specializes in artificial intelligence and computational creativity, particularly in automatic narrative generation. Perez is the author of MEXICA 20, short narratives developed by the computer program MEXICA. Plots describe fictional situations related to the Mexicas (also known as Aztecs), ancient inhabitants of what today is Mexico City.

"To tell compelling stories about those living in the developing world - including lack of water, the impact of climate change, the need for girls' education, and the dire consequences of conflict - it's very important that we make sure that those least advantaged and often ‘unheard' are able to tell their stories using their eyes and voice. Looking at the role that AI plays in that journey is critical," said Ellen Yount, Vice President, Management Systems International (MSI).

The event is co-hosted by Morgan State University and IVOW, a Maryland-based AI and storytelling start-up with support from Management Systems International, Florida International University, and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute. Follow this link on Monday April 23 at 9am for the 360-live stream produced by VR Videos.

For more information contact:

IVOW: Davar Ardalan

Morgan State: Joy Elias