2018 Google DC Hackathon

2018 Google DC Hackathon

A group of more than 40 Computer Science students from Morgan State University recently participated in the 2018 Google DC Hackathon! The 24-hour hackathon took place at the Google DC Office from noon on Saturday, October 20th to noon Sunday, October 21st, 2018. Students from nearby Howard and Hampton Universities also participated for the second year in a row.

A few students are napping, but most are still on the grind at 4:30 a.m.

In addition, on September 29, 2018, the Society for the Advancement of Computer Science (SACS) hosted their annual fall hackathon "MSU Hack" from noon to midnight with the SCMNS Computer Science Department in Calloway Hall. The SACS leadership team and the Google and Facebook engineers-in-residence (Nathan Hall and Anthony Kesich) worked collaboratively and diligently to make the event a successful one. A total of 38 students worked together in seven teams on coding challenges. After 11 grueling hours, five of the seven teams had completed working projects. Third place went to a team that made a game with some existing game-creation software, and also composed their own soundtrack. Second place went to a team that made a Flappy Bird spin-off in Python. And first place went to a team that made a buzz-in style trivia game using Python and a Raspberry Pi.

Google and Facebook also conducted the following events recently (October 17-22) at SCMNS:

  • Engineering Practicum (EP) Application Party
  • Interviewing 101
  • Mock Interviews 
  • Facebook at Morgan State University Info Session