Preliminary 2016 PHP Self Study

Public Health Reaccreditation - Preliminary 2016 Self Study

The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) accredits schools and programs of public health in the United States. Accredited programs are subject to a reaccreditation review process not to exceed seven years which is the maximum period for which a school or program is awarded accreditation.
The MSU Public Health Program was reaccredited in 2009 for seven years and is now undergoing another reaccreditation review. An essential component of the process is the completion of a self-study. The self-study consists of a comprehensive description and assessment of the (1) context, organization, governance and resources for the program, (2) the curricula and learning outcomes for the degrees offered, (3) the collective research and service activities within the program and (4) the people within the program - faculty, students and staff. Guidelines and assessment criteria for conducting the self-study have been established by CEPH and may be found at the following link.

A preliminary self-study report was submitted to the Council on Education for Public Health on June 24, 2016. The preliminary self-study is available for review at:
Preliminary 2016 Self Study

Solicitation of Comments on the Self-Study
Interested parties are invited to provide feedback about the program and its self-study using this survey/comment form.
Self-Study External Review and Comment Form

The reaccreditation process also includes a site visit by external reviewers selected by CEPH. The external review committee makes recommendations about reaccreditation based upon the final self-study document and the review committee's observations of the program during a site visit, as well as takes in consideration comments from interested parties. The CEPH accreditation site visit is scheduled for November 29 and 30, 2016

Notice of Third Party Comments for Reaccreditation Review
CEPH will accept third party comments about the program until 30 days prior to the scheduled visit. The deadline for submitting comments to CEPH is October 29, 2019. Written comments may be sent to
                   Brittney D. Lilly, MPH
                   Accreditation Specialist
                   Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)
                   1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 220
                   Silver Spring, MD 20910-5660