Time Management

One of the most important skill sets that must be developed by the new nursing student is time management. It is a skill that all students must acquire, but nursing students tend to be young childbearing females ages 18-30, who have at least a part time job. There are many older women (ages 40+) with career job experience who are changing and making nursing a second career choice. They are sandwiched between school-age children and elderly parents needing their assistance. Both younger and older students may have church, community, and recreational obligations. Both groups regularly have to juggle these divergent responsibilities. Enrolling in school can add another layer of "to-do's" to an already hectic life schedule. But the rewards of earning an advanced (or another) degree far outweigh the rigors of the matriculation. Our Nursing Student Success (NSS) portal will give specific suggestions for managing one's time effectively. These techniques have been selected form various online websites, including results of evidence-based research publicized in online health journals.

-T.I.M.E (Techniques ~ Invest ~ Money ~ Energy) 


Once enrolled in a BSN nursing program, invite your family to assist you with all habits that will help you succeed in school: managing time, taking tests, forming good study habits, and having positive attitudes. Joining a study group with fellow students will aid success.


Buy a computer and a scheduling tool. Once you have selected a dedicated quiet place for study, select a computer with sufficient memory and speed that allows internet, power point, word processing, email, spreadsheet, and other capabilities that enable you to be technically connected to your classmates and instructors. Purchase a handwritten or electronic calendar (personal digital assistant) on which you keep dates and times of classes, tests, homework assignment due dates, and all other appointments (for example, doctor visits, parent-teacher conferences, family birthdays, etc).


Check out the many sources for obtaining financial support for nursing education, including those in the school’s Financial Aid Office

Budgeting for School


To maintain mental vigor for studying material that can be complicated and extensive, getting to skills lab and clinicals, one must keep physically fit. Eating a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, and getting sufficient rest are all ways to increase and maintain energy.

Nutrition Today

Starting an Exercise Group

Stress Reduction and Relaxation Ease Nursing School Journey