Pre Professional Physical Therapy (PPPT) Advisement Track

PPPT Pre Professional Physical Therapy

The Pre-Professional Physical Therapy (PPPT) Advisement Track provides students who are interested in pursuing a career as a licensed physical therapist academic advisement. Students are supported in fulfilling the required undergraduate prerequisite courses (including Biological and Physical Sciences, as well as Clinical studies) to make application to a doctoral program. The advisement is designed to align with expectations of doctorate programs in Physical Therapy as these institutions accept students who have completed a Bachelor's degree.
Successful students enrolled in the PPPT Advisement Track will earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Education from the School of Community Health and Policy, providing a solid foundation and multiple career options beyond the Physical Therapy path going forward. Students in this track receive academic and career advisement from a DPT trained faculty and complete a discipline-specific internship experience.

PPPT Faculty Advisor