Dr. Farshad Ghodoosi

Farshad Ghodoosi
Assistant Professor
Office Location: 
GSBM 618

J.S.D. Yale Law School 2015
Master of Laws, Yale Law School, 2012
Master of Laws, U.C Berkeley School of Law, 2012
Bachelor of Laws, University of Tehran, 2005


J.S.D. Yale Law School 2015
Master of Laws, Yale Law School, 2012
Master of Laws, U.C Berkeley School of Law, 2012
Bachelor of Laws, University of Tehran, 2005

Dr. Ghodoosi is an assistant professor of business law in the Business Administration Department of the Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management School. Dr. Ghodoosi received his doctoral degree (J.S.D.) from Yale Law School where he focused on the resolution of cross-border disputes in his research and dissertation. He also received master of laws from Yale Law School and University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Berkeley Law). He is a recipient of the business law certificate from Berkeley Law. Dr. Ghodoosi also received his PhD in International Relations from Florida International University in Miami, Florida. He obtained a bachelor of laws (LL.B) and B.A. in English Language and Literature from University of Tehran.

Dr. Ghodoosi has placed several articles at leading outlets including Yale Journal of International Law, Harvard Journal of International Law Online, Northwestern Interdisciplinary Law Review, Fordham International Law Journal, Lewis & Clark Law Review, Nebraska Law Review, and Foreign Affairs. He also authored a book titled "International Dispute Resolution and the Public Policy Exception" with Routledge (2016). Dr. Ghodoosi has taught on the topics of international law and international relations at University of California, Berkeley as well as Florida International University. Dr. Ghodoosi was a senior editor of Yale Journal of International Law, co-president of Yale Society of International Law, a Howard M. Holtzmann Fellow in international dispute resolution and recipient of the Guzman scholarship at Berkeley Law.

The focus of Dr. Ghodoosi's research and scholarly pieces in large part has been on the resolution of cross-border disputes and its impact on states' regulations as well as public morality and ethics (commonly referred to as "public policy" in law). Dr. Ghodoosi's research and practical experience centers on transnational business law, which includes contracts, relevant U.S. regulations with transnational reach, and methods of dispute resolution for businesses.

Dr. Ghodoosi has collaborated with international arbitration practices at Three Crowns LLP, Jones Day, and Shearman & Sterling on high profile cases in Washington DC and Paris. He also acquired first-hand experience with the way business disputes are resolved at JAMS alternative dispute resolution services. Dr. Ghodoosi also practiced in a technology strategic consulting firm in San Francisco. Dr. Ghodoosi is an attorney and a member of the New York State Bar Association.

Research Interests:
Resolution of Business Disputes, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Cross-Border Business Disputes, Business Organization, International Law, Investment and Trade Law, Contract Law, Administrative Law, Middle Eastern and Islamic Law.

Recent Publications:

International Dispute Resolution and the Public Policy Exception (Routledge,2016).

Arbitrating Public Policy: Why the Buck Should Not Stop at National Courts, 20 Lewis and Clark Law Review 237 (2016)

The Concept of Public Policy in Law: Revisiting the Role of the Public Policy Doctrine in the Enforcement of Private Legal Arrangements, 94 Nebraska Law Review 685 (2016)

The Sanctions Theory: A Frail Paradigm For International Law? Harvard International Law Journal Online (2015)

Defining the Relationship: Terminology and the Iran Deal, Foreign Affairs, 5 April 2015

The Limits of the Free Movement of Capital: The Status of Customary International Law of Money, 7 Northwestern Interdisciplinary Law Review. 287 (2014).

Combating Economic Sanctions: Investment Disputes in Times of Political Hostility, 37 Fordham International Law Journal 1732 (2014).

The Idea of Arbitration by Jan Paulsson, Book Review, 39 Yale Journal of International Law (2014).