ENTR 360: Start Up Accelerator (Y Combinator Model)

THREE HOURS, 3 credits. This course provides an extreme problem-based learning environment where student teams will start a business. Students will work in interdisciplinary teams (minimum of two, maximum of four) and must start a business by mid-semester and have sales before the end of the semester. Students will learn by doing. Specifically students will determine the legal structure of their firm, establish the legal structure of their firm, obtain a tax id number, register their firm, create and implement an operating agreement, acquire any licenses needed, manage the firm's start-up, create firm infrastructure, manage operations, develop financial plans, monitor financial performance, develop a product/service, market a product/service, sell a product/service, get feedback from customers, and use customer feedback to improve the viability of their firm. Student teams that meet the requirements will receive $1,000 to help defray start-up expenses. Students will interact with and get feedback from Michael Seibel, partner at Y Combinator, the leading global startup accelerator.

Prerequisites: None. Formerly ENTR 345. (FALL)