Dr. Xingxing Zu

Associate Professor


Prof. Xingxing Zu is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Information Science & Systems. Prof. Zu received bachelor and master degrees in Industrial Engineering at Tianjin University and a Ph.D. in Operation Management at Clemson University. She has teaching and research experiences in the areas of operations management, supply chain management, quality management/Six Sigma/lean, quality and risk management in project management, statistics, sustainable operations management, etc.

Research Interests

Prof. Zu's research interests include:

  • Implementation of business process improvement methods such as total quality management, six sigma, and lean in manufacturing and service industries
  • Quality assurance in global supply chain
  • Sustainable operations management applications and impacts

Recent Publications

  • Zu, X. (in press, 2014). A Profit-Driven Approach to Building a. European Journal of Operational Research..
  • Zu, X. (in press, 2014). Rethinking virtuality and its impact on teams. Small Group Research..
  • Zhu, X. (in press, 2013). Retail store ownership: A strategic analysis of mixed channel structure. International Journal of Business Analytics..
  • Zu, X. (in press, 2012). An empirical model of supplier relation and management for better quality. International Journal of Applied Management Science.
  • Zu, X., Kaynak, H. forthcoming. An agency theory perspective on supply chain quality management. International Journal of Operations & Production Management.
  • Zu, X., Yao, D.Q., and Zhu, X.W. forthcoming. Quality management in China: The effect of firm characteristics and cultural profile. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management.
  • Zu, X., Robbins, T., and Fredendall, L.D. 2010. Mapping the critical links between organizational culture and TQM/Six Sigma practices. International Journal of Production Economics, 123(1), 86-106.
  • Zu, X., and Fredendall, L.D. 2009. Enhancing Six Sigma implementation through human resource management. Quality Management Journal, 16(4).
  • Zu, X. 2009. Infrastructure and core quality management practices: How do they affect quality? International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 26(2), 129-149.
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  • Radhakrishnan, A., Zu, X., and Grover, V. 2008. A process-oriented perspective on differential business value