Dr. Sandip Patel

Sandip Patel
Associate Professor
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McMechen Hall 116

Ph.D., University of Louisville, Kentucky, 2006


Ph.D., University of Louisville, Kentucky, 2006


Dr. Sandip C. Patel received his Ph.D. from the University of Louisville, USA in computer science and engineering, Master of Science in information and computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA and Bachelor of Engineering from Gujarat University, India in 2006, 1988, and 1983 respectively. Dr. Patel has over ten years of industry experience and three years of teaching experience, both in USA. He is currently teaching at Morgan State University as Assistant Professor in Baltimore, Maryland. He has worked as a consultant with IBM and as a systems analyst and engineer at AT&T (formerly, NCR Corporation) in areas of computer performance, quality assurance, and testing. Dr. Patel has also established and operated a computer consulting company in Florida. He has published papers in areas of computer performance, human computer interface, and teaching via electronic media. His doctoral thesis and current research are on the security enhancements to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Dr. Patel is on the editorial board of DIAS Technology Review: The International Journal of Business and IT and is reviewer for ten journals. His work has been published in or is accepted to appear in the journals such as Communications of the ACM, International Journal of Business Information Systems, and International Journal of Information Management.

Research Interests
Dr. Patel's research interests include security, risk management, and information systems.

Recent Publications

1. Mangle, A. & Patel, S. C. (in press, 2014). Issues in User Authentication Using Security Questions. International Journal of Information and Computer Security.

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