Dr. Samuel Ejiaku

Samuel Ejiaku
Assistant Professor
Office Location: 
McMechen Hall 105

D.Sc. Towson University


D.Sc. Towson University


Dr. Samuel Ejiaku is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science and Systems in the Earl Graves School of Business and Management. He holds a B.S. and MA. degrees in geology (City University of New York), and was a senior geologist at Gulf Oil Company, where he worked for six years.

Dr. Ejiaku also holds an M.S. and D.Sc. in Applied Information Technology from Towson University. He is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), and Cisco Certified Network Administrator, (CCNA). Dr. Ejiaku worked as a Network Consultant and designed network systems for different companies. He also conducted classes and seminars for various companies.

He teaches courses in Intro to Computer Information Systems, and Data Communication and Network Systems. Dr. Ejiaku is a member of Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP).

Research Interest
Dr. Ejiaku's research interests are in Information Technology and the Networked Economy, the Role and Effect of Information Technology (IT) for Development in Emerging Economies, Information Technology in Education, and Computer Ethics.

Recent Publications

Ejiaku, S. (2014). Technology Adoption: Issues and Challenges in Information Technology Adoption in Emerging Economies. Journal of International Technology and Information Management, 23 (2), 59 - 68.

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