Dr. Ganesh Bhatt

Office Location: 
Earl G. Graves School of Business 504

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


Prof. Ganesh Bhatt is a Professor in the Departments of Information Science & Systems. Prof. Bhatt received his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and M.Tech. and B.Tech. from I..I.T Delhi (India) and I.T. BH.U. Varansi (India) respectively.

Research Interests
IS strategy; Knowledge management; IS competencies; Human computer interactions; and Social and ethical aspects of information systems

Teaching Interests
Systems analysis & design; Database management; Decision support & expert systems; Systems development project; IS strategy; Dynamics of information systems in Organizations; Management of information and information technology

Recent Publications

Karanja, E. & Bhatt, G. D. (in press, 2015). The role of IT investments in Fostering Firm Innovations: An Empirical Study. Journal of Business and Management..

Bhatt, G., Pankaj, P., & Rodger, J. (2014). Managing Knowledge in Shared Spaces. Intelligent Information Management, 6, 240-247.

Patel, S., Bhatt, G., & Emdad, A. (2014). Development of Simulation: A student's Learning Approach. American Journal of Information Technology, 4 (1), 33-49.

Bhatt, G., Emdad, A., Roberts, N., and Grover, V. Building and leveraging information in dynamic markets: the role of it infrastructure flexibility as enabler of organizational responsiveness and competitive advantage, Information & Management, 47, (2010), 341-349.

Bhatt, G., and Emdad, A. An empirical examination of the relationship between information technology (IT) Infrastructure, customer focus, and business advantages. Journal of Systems and Information Technology, 12, 1, 2010, 4-16.

Patel, S.; Bhatt, G.; and Graham, J. Improving the cyber security of SCADA communication networks. Communications of the ACM, 52, 7, (2009), 139-142.