Daniel Kolubah

Mr. Daniel Kolubah, MBA Alumni

I am proud to be a Morgan MBA Alumni!  Three years ago, I made one of the most important decisions of my life, to pursue my “MBA” at Morgan State University.  During the program, there were unforgettable memories and events that greatly enhanced my professional and personal development.  I remember the family life style at Morgan MBA, where everybody cares about “your success”.  The diversity in the program has extended my networking environment internationally.  I am particularly grateful to Morgan MBA for sponsoring me to attend the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) conferences for three consecutive years.  My experiences at these conferences were incredible, networking and job opportunities were awesome; my interactions with business executives has added so much value to my MBA.  I am also grateful for the study abroad opportunity to China in 2010.  My Morgan MBA has prepared me to handle professional and personal challenges confidently.

 Dr. Susan Baker

Dr. Susan Baker, Professor

As a professor in the Morgan MBA Program, I am passionate about working with our sharp, analytical students who are motivated to succeed in their careers.  Our students have multi-cultural backgrounds and a variety of experiences that enrich our classroom environment.  My career path led me from managerial positions in entrepreneurial and mid-sized companies to higher education.  My experience in industry, coupled with my doctorate and ongoing research in leadership and business ethics, allows me to offer both practical and theoretical perspectives to my students.

Earlier in my career in industry, my own MBA opened many doors for me.  I see Morgan MBA graduates benefitting in the same way, and I am so proud of their successes.  I am equally proud to be part of a community of faculty and administrators committed to mentoring and nurturing our current and future leaders.  My life, my teaching, and my research are enriched by being part of the Morgan MBA experience.

Omari Bailey

 Mr. Omari Bailey, MBA Alumni

I had the esteemed pleasure of being an active part of the Morgan MBA family for the past two years. I was fortunate enough to have completed my undergraduate degree at Morgan State, and thus I was already quite familiar with the culture of the institution. Attending Morgan's MBA Program has definitely enriched me personally, professionally and academically. Personally the program's atmosphere is one which facilitates a great deal of interaction between classmates and faculty which undoubtedly enhances interpersonal development. Through attending a variety of events such as the National Black MBA Conference, I was able to improve my interview skills, build my professional network and increase my business acumen. The professors within the program are all adept in their respective fields but nonetheless they remain amicable and attentive to the needs of each individual student. I recommend the program for anyone who wishes to succeed in the dynamic marketplace.

 Diki Shrestha

Ms. Diki Shrestha, MBA Student

I am originally from Nepal. I came here in the United States as an International student on July 16, 2005.  I received my bachelor's in Accounting from Wilmington University in Delaware. Subsequent to graduation, I worked at Whiting-Turner Contracting Company as an Accounts Payable Processor. I am now enrolled in Morgan State as an MBA scholar. I am elated and proud to be a part of the Morgan MBA Program. The MBA Orientation and Leadership Institute organized by Ms. Ardenia S. Myrick was very interesting and informative. We received important tips related to being prepared for an interview, the importance of business attire, dining etiquette. Also, the LinkedIn presentation given by Mrs. Tonya Wright was very helpful as well as other presentations related to excel/access, Aerotek and National Black MBA Association. I am very thankful to Ms. Myrick for giving me opportunity to study in Morgan State University and helping me to build my career.

Aaron Harris

Mr. Aaron C. Harris, P.E., PMP, M.Eng., MBA

My experience during my duration in the Morgan State University MBA Program was enriching as well as rewarding.  The Morgan MBA Program bridged the gap between my engineering background and the business world.  The faculty and staff aided in the global development of all of the Morgan MBA graduate students.  I wish I could re-enroll and relive that wonderful experience.