Accounting and Finance Faculty

The Department of Accounting and Finance stands out in that it is one of three accounting programs at historical black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the U.S. to have accounting accreditation by the AACSB. Furthermore, it is the only AACSB-accredited HBCU to have a Ph.D. program in accounting. The Department of Accounting and Finance has 11 full time accounting and 6 full time finance faculty members. The accounting faculty body is very diverse with faculty members from every corner of the globe. This diversity is one of the strengths of the department.

We have six faculty who have passed the CPA exam, one who is a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA), two who are Certified Management Accountants (CMAs), one who is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), one who is a Certified Financial Manager (CFM), and two with law degrees. In the most recent five-year period, the faculty have published in well-recognized journals in their discipline and produced a substantial portfolio of intellectual contributions (ICs) items. The depth and quality of IC production can be attributed, in part, to the readily available access to a wide variety of financial databases. The School continues to subscribe to CRSP (Center for Research in Security Prices) security price data, Standard and Poor's COMPUSTAT, Thomson Financial's I/B/E/S, Audit Analytics, Standard and Poor's ExecuComp, and 10K Wizard. More recent databases include Risk Metrics, SDC's Mergers and Acquisitions, and Bloomberg.



Kang Cheng

Associate  Professor of Accounting

Phone: (443) 885-3441

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 568

Email: Kang.cheng@morgan.edu

Dr. Kang's C.V.

Yu Cong 

Associate Professor of Accounting

Phone: (443) 885-1692

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 564

Email: yu.cong@morgan.edu

Dr. Yu Cong's C.V.

Dina El Mahdy

Associate Professor of Accounting


Phone: (443) 885-3967

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 576

Email: dina.elmahdy@morgan.edu

Dr. El Mahdy's C.V. 

Sharon Finney 

Associate Professor of Accounting

Phone: (443) 885-3445

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 516-A

Email: sharon.finney@morgan.edu

Dr. Finney's C.V.

Richard Greene

Lecturer of Accounting

Phone:  (443) 885-3445

Fax:  (443) 885-8395

Office #:  543

Email:  richard.greene@morgan.edu

Bilal Makkawi

Associate Professor of Accounting

Phone: (443) 885-4459

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 566

Email: bilal.makkawi@morgan.edu

Dr. Makkawi's C.V.

Buagu Musazi

Associate Professor of Accounting

Phone: (443) 885-4456

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 562

Email: Buagu.Musazi@morgan.edu

Dr. Musazi's C.V.

Darlene Green-Connor

Lecturer of Accounting

Phone: (443) 885-4574

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 538

Email: darlene.green-connor@morgan.edu

Huey-Lian Sun

Professor of Accounting

Dr HueyLian Sun

Phone: (443) 885-3971

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 520

Email: huey-lian.sun@morgan.edu

Dr. Sun's C.V.

Sheela Thiruvadi

Associate Professor of Accounting

Phone: (443) 885-2096

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 570

Email: sheela.thiruvadi@morgan.edu

Dr. Thiruvadi's C.V.

Cynthia Tollerson

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Phone: (443) 885-3881

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 540

Email: cynthia.tollerson@morgan.edu

Dr. Tollerson's C.V.


Kelly Carter 

Associate Professor of Finance

Phone: (443) 885-4472

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 573

Email: kelly.carter@morgan.edu

Dr. Carter's C.V.

Samuel J. Deal 

Lecturer of Finance

Phone: (443) 885-3445

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 542

Email: sdeal@theharborbank.com

Dr. Deal's C.V.

Phyllis Keys

Professor of Finance

Phone: (443) 885-1693

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 518

Email: phyllis.keys@morgan.edu

Dr. Keys' C.V.

Gladson Nwanna

Professor of Finance

Phone: (443) 885-3254

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 524

Email: gladson.nwanna@morgan.edu

Dr. Nwanna's C.V.

Pamela Queen

Assistant Professor of Finance

Phone: (443) 885-1694

Fax: (443) 885-8395

Office#: 522

Email: pamela.queen@morgan.edu

Dr. Queen's C.V.

Alex Tang

Professor of Finance

Phone: (443) 885-3175

Fax: (443) 885-8395


Email: alex.tang@morgan.edu

Dr. Tang's C.V.

Barkat Ullah

Assistant Professor of Finance


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Phone: (443) 885-3023

Fax: (443) 885-8395


Email: barkat.ullah@morgan.edu

Dr. Ullah's C.V.