Parking is available for students in the North Campus Garage. Students must have their vehicle registered with the Office of Business and Auxiliary Services (Montebello D-201). 

Permit parking is available for faculty and staff on the ungated parking lot. Faculty and Staff may have permitted parking in the garage (for additional fees). Please consult with the Office of Business and Auxiliary Services. 

Visitor Parking
There are visitor parking spaces available on Lot CE, adjacent to the North Campus Garage.  Visitors can  pay for  his or her parking space  at one of the two Pay-As-You-Go Stations (located on Lot CE).  

When parking in a visitor space, remember your space number.  You will need to have this number when you pay at the Pay-As-You-Go stations.  NOTE: You do not have to return your ticket to your vehicle. 

1st 30 minutes: Free 
Hourly: $0.50
Maximum: $3.00
*Cash & Credit Card Accepted

Do NOT park in the parking garage (unless for special events).  You will not be able to pass through the gate to the garage without a student ID.  You can also park on the street on Perring Parkway, but you need to be cognizant of the parking restrictions and the time of day.

Stations are available 6:00 am - 11:30 pm daily.  Any parking inquiries, please contact the Office of Business and Auxiliary Services at  443-885-3065 (M-F 8:00 - 5:00 pm).