The Lab

The BEAR LAB is located in CBEIS 020.  Users will need to attend a Safety and Orientation workshop before being permitted to work in the shop. The shop is staffed by trained personnel and is only available while a staff member is present.

Acceptable Materials:               
Wood, Plywood, Plastics, Foams and Metals.

Prohibited Materials:                 
Pressure Treated Lumber, Used/Painted Materials, MDF, Homasote, and other materials at the discretion of the LAB staff. See the shop manager to inquire about materials not listed.

How to Access the Shop:           
SA+P students can access the shop during the scheduled hours after attending the Safety and Orientation Workshop.

BEAR LAB Fee:                
Fees will be assessed for use of acceptable materials provided by the BEAR LAB.

Students must use their Bear Necessity Card to acquire acceptable materials from the BEAR LAB. Students make payments in the BEAR LAB'S front counter. Students must have funds in their Retail Account in order to use their Bear Necessity Card in the BEAR LAB. Supply fees will be posted in the BEAR LAB. All prices are subject to change.

If students supply their own materials, no pricing for the BEAR LAB will be assessed.

Orientation Workshops:             
The Safety and Orientation Workshop is a 2-3 hr. workshop focusing on the LAB procedures, rules and how to safely work with stationary power tools. Workshops may be offered for a class, during class time, or you can sign up or arrange to schedule a workshop by visiting the LAB.

Signing in to the BEAR LAB:              
When you come in to work in the BEAR LAB, you will need to sign in and checkout safety glasses from the tool crib. You will need your student ID to verify that you have attended the orientation and are eligible to work in the LAB. Simply present your ID at the counter, and we will sign you in and loan you safety glasses.

Borrowing Tools:                       
Tools can be signed out from the crib to be used in the BEAR LAB. Absolutely no tools may be taken out of the CBEIS 020. Tools borrowed from the crib have to be returned before the front counter closes that day. Late fees may be charged, and shop access suspended if tools are not returned on time.

If you have questions about use of the BEAR LAB, please drop by the BEAR LAB (CBEIS 020), or contact: Brian Stansbury: or 443-885-4796