Laser Lab

The school has one 50w Laser Cutter with a cutting bed that is 12" x 24".


Files may be dropped off and picked during the BEAR LAB posted hours. 

The Laser Cutter in the BEAR LAB is self service. You will need to be authorized, sign the use agreement and pass the test to operate the laser. You can make a reservation at the desk in the BEAR LAB to use the laser cutter.

The Fee will be charged at $0.10 per minute for the time you're in the laser lab.

Use the following links to access the resources you will need.

Laser Template 
Laser Cutting Handbook 
Laser Cutter Video Tutorial 
Click here to view the reservation calendar

Acceptable materials:
Chipboard - Single Ply
Museum board - Single Ply
Basswood - up to 1/8"
Plywood up to 1/8" thick 

Prohibited Materials:
Lexan, PVC, styrene, polycarbonate, polypropylene, vinyl, glass, foam core, metal, and any material not listed above. Prohibited materials could melt on the laser bed, or release toxic gas. Plastics can release carcinogens such as Benzene.

If you have questions about use of the laser lab, please drop by the BEAR LAB (CBEIS 020), or contact: Brian Stansbury: or 443-885-4796