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School of Global Journalism & Communication

Ayana Shannon

Ayana Shannon

Retention Coordinator, School of Global Journalism & Communication

Office: Communications Center 234F
Phone: 443-885-1990


M.A in Counseling & B.S Psychology & Psychology, Bowie State University

Ayana Shannon is a first-generation college student who obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Art in Counseling from Bowie State University (BSU). She served as a Resident Director for BSU and a College Access Specialist for the CollegeBound Foundation in her previous assignments where she prepared students for life in and after college. For over a decade, she has encouraged young scholars to focus on their mission while developing their self-sufficiency. At Morgan, she encourages every student to define their blueprint for success. With hard work and determination, she knows that every student will be successful.

Research Interests:

Vocational Choice, Human Development and Emotional Intelligence.

Other Interests:

Roller-coasters, Nature, Movies, Traveling and Food