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School of Community Health and Policy

COVID-19 Beyond the News

virus graphicIn the time of the pandemic, the School of Community Health and Policy wants to be a resource to the larger community. To make that happen, we are launching this COVID-19 Beyond the News webpage.

The webpage provides information, resources, and opportunity to listen and share so that expert voices and critical perspectives not commonly highlighted are accessible.

Check out our Critical Facts, Rumor Has It, and Keeping Informed sections for current data and research related to the virus.

coronavirus word hand graphicFORTHCOMING: View our video series “COVID-19 Conversations” featuring a variety of people representing different perspectives on the pandemic.

*Videos will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel SCHP so you can access all of our conversations.

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Rumor has it...

... 5G Towers are causing the virus to spread
FACT: Viruses cannot travel on radio waves/mobile networks.

... A vaccine to cure COVID-19 is available
FACT: Researchers all over the world are working on a vaccine but none has been identified yet. This will take months to achieve.

... Only older adults are at risk.
FACT: Everyone is at risk though some, like older adults, are at greater risk.

Any other rumors we should know and explore - send them to

Critical Facts

Coronavirus is an easily transmitted disease. Preventing transmission is possible. Follow all guidelines in place - key among them being practicing social distancing. Wearing masks outside your home is the recommended, and in some cases, mandated practice. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC.

COVID - 19 is an equal opportunity crisis but the impact and burden are not shared equally. There are disparities for African Americans. Track the data at CDC COVID-19 Cases. 

Keep Informed

Stay current with statistics on the virus through the State of Maryland COVID-19 Dashboard and the Baltimore City Coronavirus Dashboard.

Understand the pandemic from a global perspective go to the World Health Organization (WHO).

View the latest information and events related to the coronavirus being provided by the American Public Health Association (APHA). 

To access issues impacting communities of color regarding the virus go to the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies webpage.

Nutritional Science is providing immune boosting strategies for you to consider. Click here to access.