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School of Community Health & Policy

Anne Marie O'Keefe

Dr. Anne Marie O'Keefe

Associate Professor, School of Community Health & Policy

Office: Portage 307
Phone: 443-885-4042

J.D., cum laude, Harvard Law School
Ph.D., M.A., Clinical Psychology, Ohio State University
B.A., Sociology/Psychology, Indiana University

Anne Marie O'Keefe is a clinical psychologist and an attorney with more than 35 years of experience in persuasive communication for health. She has extensive experience in program design and management, research, and evaluation. She has served as policy director, legal advisor, and communication manager for health organizations, government agencies, professional and business associations.

As a registered federal lobbyist for mental health, O'Keefe helped pass reform legislation in more than 25 states. Her work in tobacco control helped to build and sustain one of the most effective social reform movements of our time. While at the Advocacy Institute, O'Keefe managed the contract funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) that produced the award-winning Media Strategies for Smoking Control Guidelines. She helped to design and implement the first centralized support center for tobacco control - the Smoking Control Advocacy Resource Center (SCARC), including the first computer-based interactive communication system - SCARCNet. Under contract with NCI, O'Keefe developed the first train-the-trainer program for Policy Advocacy, and delivered the training in local communities across the country. She contributed extensively to the NCI-funded COMMIT project at both the federal and local levels. Through this program, working with Dr. Lawrence Wallack and others, she helped develop the principles and practice of Media Advocacy that were captured in the seminal book Media Advocacy and Public Health: Power for Prevention. She also managed the media network for ASSIST, NCI's decade-long health intervention in 17 states. O'Keefe is a primary author of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Designing and Implementing an Effective Tobacco Counter-Marketing Campaign, and the CDCynergy Social Marketing Edition. She produced the widely distributed video Seven Deadly Myths and the accompanying package Dispelling the Myths About Tobacco: A Community Toolkit for Reducing Tobacco Use Among Women.

Since 2006, Dr. O'Keefe has been a tenured professor on the graduate faculty in the School of Community Health and Policy at Morgan State University. Her courses in Social Marketing, Health Politics, Health Law, and Health Policy and Management prepare students for social change in countries around the world.

Dr. O'Keefe has delivered more than 300 papers and keynote speeches; published more than 100 articles, chapters, and opinion pieces; produced numerous manuals, videos and toolkits; and trained hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals. She has testified before Congress, Federal agencies, State legislatures and in legal proceedings. She has also appeared on many radio and TV news and public affairs shows.


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