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School of Architecture + Planning

Mary Anne Akers

Mary Anne Akers, Ph.D.

Dean and Professor, School of Architecture + Planning

Office: CBEIS 104C
Phone: 443-885-3225


B.A., Sociology, University of Philippines
M.A., Urban and Regional Planning, University of Philippines
Ph.D., Urban Planning and Community Organization, Michigan State University

Research Interest(s):
Health and Design, Urban Sustainability and Resiliency, Design and Human Behavior, Community-based Economic Development

Selected Publication(s):
Akers, Mary Anne Alabanza. Street Environments and Urban Health in the Philippines: A retrospective on Vendors and Their Spaces. (Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group. February 2021)

Akers, Mary Anne Alabanza. Building a Community on Leprosy Island in the Philippines, 1898-1941. Chapter 26 in Mohammad Gharipour and Caitlin DeClercq (eds.) Epidemic Urbanism: How Contagious Diseases Have Shaped Global Cities. Intellect, LTD., pp. 222-229. (in press).

Martin, Catherine Dunlop, Christine Hohmann, Mary Anne Alabanza Akers, Jim Determan, Isaac Williams. "Evaluating the Impact of a Purposefully-Designed Active Learning Space on Student Outcomes and Behaviors in an Undergraduate Architecture Course" in David B. Zandvliet and Barry J. Fraser (eds.), Thirty Years of Learning Environments Research: Looking Back and Looking Forward, Sense Publishers, (2018).

Determan, Jim, Mary Anne Akers, Tom Albright, Bill Browning, Catherine Martin-Dunlop, Paul Archibald, Valerie Carulolo. The Impact of Biophilic Learning Spaces on Student Success. American Institute of Architects Upjohn Research Institute, (2018).

Determan, Jim, Mary Anne Akers, Isaac Williams, Christine Hohmann, Catherine Dunlop-Martin. "Learning space design for the future ethnically diverse American classroom". American Institute of Architecture, Washington, D.C. (2015).

Akers, Mary Anne Alabanza. "Urban Streets Struggling to Survive: An Urban Design Solution" in Recent Researches in Sustainability, Architecture, and Structures. Proceedings for the World Scientific and Engineering Academy held in Baltimore, Maryland. December. (2013).

Akers, Mary Anne Alabanza, Paul Voos, Dale Green. Heritage Tourism Development Plan for the Preston/Poplar Neck of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway. Caroline County Office of Tourism, Maryland. (2012).

Akers, Mary Anne Alabanza and Jonathan Van Geest. "Counting Matters: Point-in-Time Homeless Census Study for 2011". Report submitted to the City of Baltimore Mayor's Office. (2011, 2009).

Akers, Mary Anne Alabanza, Jonathan Van Geest, Linda Loubert, Sidney Wong, Azza Kamal, Marvin Perry. "The Impact of the Baltimore Housing Resource Center: Report to the City of Baltimore Mayor's Office". (2008).

Akers, Mary Anne and Timothy A. Akers. "Designing Healthy Communities: The Health Impact of Street Vendor Environments" in World Health Design. International Academy for Health and Design. (2008).

Akers, Mary Anne., "Addressing Design Disparities: The Role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities". Design Intelligence. (2007).

Cassidy, Brandon, Mary Anne Alabanza Akers, Timothy A. Akers, Daniel Hall, P.Barry Ryan, Charlene Bayer, Luke Naeher. "Particulate matter and carbon monoxide multiple regression models using environmental characteristics in a high diesel-use area of Baguio City, Philippines". Science of the Total Environment, Vol 381:1-3, pp. 47-58., (2007).

Selected Award(s):
2020 - University of Georgia College of Environment and Design "Owens 50", award given to individuals who brought strength, conviction, and commitment to the design professions, and through vision and hard work, shaped academic programs by advancing the College's ability to serve students and enrich lives.

2015 - Distinguished Alumni Award in Community Service and Educational Administration. University of the Philippines Alumni Association. This award recognizes individual alumni for their outstanding achievements and exceptional contributions that bring about substantial benefits to society and distinct honor to the University.

2015 - NeighborSpace of Baltimore County "Green Jacket Award". This award is given to individuals for their vision, leadership, and / or extraordinary contributions of time, talent and/or treasure toward the protection and/or improvement of open space within Baltimore County's Urban/Rural Demarcation Line.

2013 - American Society of Landscape Architects Maryland Chapter Planning Award for "Heritage Tourism Development Plan for the Preston/Poplar Neck of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway".

2007 - Who's Who in the Asian American Community in Southeastern United States.

2007 - Georgia Clients Council Special Recognition for Significant Contribution of the "Claiming a Street Named King" Project.

Selected Professional/Academic Service(s):
Board Member, Maryland Center for Construction Education and Innovation

Member, Beyond Boyer Advisory Commission

Governor's Commission on Maryland State Parks 

Board of Director, Neighborhood Design Center

Accreditation Site Visitor for Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board, Planning Accreditation Board, American Council for Construction Education 

Lead Organizer, Morgan Community Mile

Member, Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture 

Member, Environmental Design Research Association