Bill Yates to retire after 44 years of service to PEARL

May 16, 2018

Bill Yates

Bill Yates will be retiring from the PEARL on June 1, 2018 after almost 44 years of dedicated service to science, the community and PEARL. To say that Bill is important to the PEARL would be an understatement

Bill came to the Lab the summer of 1974 to help in the chemistry department, mainly washing glassware and collecting samples. It didn't take any of us very long to see how incredibly capable Bill was at solving problems and fixing things that broke out in the field and around the Lab. When Bill came onboard full time it wasn't long before he became the go to guy for the design and fabrication of equipment needed for projects. He eventually transitioned into the Lab/Building Facilities Supervisor. Even though Bill's title is Facilities Manager he is so much more than that. He is the PEARL dive master, boat captain, boat mechanic and vehicle maintenance technician in addition to the person who maintains and fixes every system in and outside the building. Bill can dismantle and fix anything. Bill is also an incredible scientist who designs projects, builds specialized equipment, works in the field on any project and is always willing to help with summer interns or on any project when asked. Countless projects have his stamp on them and without his help might not have been finished. His dedication to the maintenance of the Lab is the main reason after almost 25 years in this building it still looks like new.

We all wish Bill a happy healthful retirement. At the same time, it will be extremely difficult to replace Bill. It is scary when you are going to lose your security blanket, the person you knew was always there to help you on your projects and fix anything you broke. The knowledge Bill has about the building and projects was invaluable.

The PEARL will not be the same without Bill, he will be missed by all.