For Faculty and Staff

The MSU Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), established within the Division of Research and Economic Development, is entrusted with the stewardship of the intellectual property created at MSU. OTT safeguards the interests of the University and its personnel in matters relating to intellectual property and technology transfer. Innovations that are managed by the OTT include patentable inventions, copyrighted works, software (including patentable software), tangible research properties, Trademarks related to new innovations, mask works, and plant varieties.

Please review the OTT website for information related to technology transfer, policies and procedures, and programs. If you have an innovation, please submit an Intellectual Property Disclosure Form. If you believe you have an innovation, but are unsure, please contact the OTT for guidance on the possibility, means and potential for commercialization. The OTT will continue to develop and post additional resources, information and guidance for faculty and staff.