About OTT

OFFICE OF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER: The MSU Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), established within the Division of Research and Economic Development, safeguards the interests of the University and its personnel in matters relating to intellectual property and technology transfer. The OTT is responsible for the recording of Intellectual Property Disclosures, the assessment, marketing, and licensing of University Intellectual Property, the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) - including filing Patent Applications - and assuring the proper allocation and distribution of related revenue. As an office within the Division of Research and Economic Development, OTT models itself based on best practices in US Research Universities and supports the D-RED's Mission to "Create a research ecosystem which promotes and incentivizes innovation and entrepreneurship among faculty, students, and our surrounding community."

OTT MISSION STATEMENT: "Facilitate the transfer of university technology and innovation to business and industry, foster local economic development and provide benefit to the public."

OTT VISION: "An urban university where: faculty and staff are recognized and rewarded for innovation, are well informed and actively engaged; a spectrum of new technologies are transferred to existing and new businesses to benefit the public; and the University's contributions to economic development and quality of life have a positive, measured and documented impact."

OTT Strategic Canvas