I-Works Programs Description

Translating Innovation into Jobs

The Innovation Works (I-Works) Initiative consists of four innovation/technology transfer and economic development programs for campus faculty, staff and students, and outreach to engage the community.  The overarching goal is translating innovation into local economic development opportunities and jobs.

  • I-GAP: The Innovation Grant Assistance Program (I-GAP) provides early stage grants (e.g., pre-MII) to MSU Inventors to further develop MSU innovations with potential for licensing and new start-up businesses.  Innovation Gap Grants (I-GAP Grants) strive to enhance the commercial viability of MSU technologies by bridging the "Gap" between laboratory inventions and the marketplace.  The grants are designed to increase the likelihood of transferring a MSU invention to business or industry by enhancing current identified innovations. Three types of Grants are offered:
  • Small Tech Transfer Grants (up to $10,000),

  • Prototype Grants (from $10,000-$30,000), and

  • Opportunity Grants ($3,500 Fixed) - Invitation only
    For more details, see the I-GAP Program description and the I-GAP Grant Request Forms on the OTT website.        

  • I-Works ISO: reaches out to both new and seasoned entrepreneurs, in-search-of (ISO) innovations for new local technology based businesses.  The program will also work to connect and match Morgan's students, graduating college seniors, advanced degree candidates with new and early stage MSU technology startup companies ISO employees.

  • I-Works Community:engages the Morgan Community Mile, and other regional and business communities (e.g., Maryland Aquaculture Community) to promote and enhance science, technology and innovation, technology transfer and the creation of new businesses and jobs to enhance the University's local, regional and state economic and societal impact.

  • I-Start: The "Pre-Incubator" and "Start-up" spaces for Morgan entrepreneurs and Morgan start-up companies are in the planning stage.  The Pre-incubator will provide space for Morgan's budding entrepreneurs in the early stages of forming a new business.  The Start-up space will be available to companies that have licensed MSU innovations and started new businesses.